About Jason

My name is Jason Roberts and I’m a lifetime resident of Seattle. I have been a business owner, consultant, and political activist in the Seattle area for over 25 years. As a long-time advocate for musicians and artists I have worked with police, fire, and city officials to bridge the gap between venues, neighborhoods, and the public to create safe environments where our rich Seattle culture can prosper. As an organizer, leader, and event planner I have used my platform to help others in the community promote diverse causes ranging from homelessness, cancer research, women’s rights, marriage equality, and many others.


The question will be asked of me: “Why do you want to be Mayor”? The answer is clear, I can make a difference. I feel that issues like homelessness and drug addiction are paid lip service while others argue about making more bike lanes. I’m ready to tackle real issues and solve problems that matter. I’m ready to change the culture of government, to empower people to be part of it. I love this city and that’s what I intend on showing you.

Jason & Kim, Kalaloch Beach 2016

I am happily married to my wife Kimberly, we will soon be celebrating our third wedding anniversary. We are both big animal lovers and have a pair of dachshunds, Frank & Apple and our cat Moe.


I am a huge baseball fan and love our Seattle Mariners. Football season has me cheering on our Seahawks and we are also season ticket holders for the Sounders.

Jason Roberts, 2017

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